Capturing the Energy

CAPTURE THE ENERGY of the fastest growing demographic group …

Your organization can do more with less by capturing the energy of a valuable and growing resource: the passions, talents, and skills of Baby Boomers.

Many organizations could be recruiting and maintaining volunteers 50 and older more effectively. Capturing the Energy is a one-day intensive workshop that offers new ideas and insights to increase the capacity of your organization. This in-depth program is led by experienced professional trainers from Coming of Age, a national leader in the positive and purposeful aging movement.

Participants will come away with greater awareness, as well as realistic, actionable plans. Presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities ensure that participants are able to apply the concepts they learn to the specific needs of their organization.


Who Should Attend?

Capturing the Energy is designed for volunteer managers, human resources staff, executive directors, board members, and others who want to:

  • Apply insights and strategies from the latest research and best practices to further their organization’s mission.
  • Attract more people over 50 to connect and contribute to their organization.
  • Expand an organization’s reach and partnerships by broadening their target audience to include this country’s most under-utilized resource.

Who do I contact to learn more? 

Capturing the Energy Learning Lab is offered by Coming of Age, an organization focused on convening communities of people age 50+ who live with passion and purpose.

To discuss bringing the Capturing the Energy Learning Lab to your organization, company or region, contact us at or call Pam Ramsden at (646) 918-6123 at extension 22.