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Topic: News

Times Columnist Talks about Fulfillment

David Brooks, an op-ed columnist for The New York Times since 2003 and a weekly commentator on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, will be speaking about his new book, The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement, at the Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine Street, on March 15th at 7:30 p.m. Described as a “clever and insightful inspector of the American scene” by the Wall Street Journal, Brooks considers what leads to human achievement and personal fulfillment at different stages of life. Simulcast tickets only, $6. To purchase, click here.

Tuskegee Legacy Has a Home

Topics: News, History, racism, war

The stories, photos, and other memorabilia that capture the daring and skill of the determined young African American pilots known as the Tuskegee Airman who served valiantly in World War II, have recently found a home at Temple University. To preserve their rich legacy and mark Black History Month, the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. donated its archives to the university's Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection. Plan on visiting this world-class display.

Senior Village Movement

If you want to remain in your community as you age, you'll be pleased to read about another growing movement. "Village" programs that provide a range of low-cost home, medical, shopping, and social services to older adults are becoming more available throughout the country. And there are hundreds of other organized efforts to provide services to older residents in "naturally occurring retirement communities." Their common goal is to help people stay in their homes through their 70s and 80s and, in a growing number of cases, into their 90s. To learn more about "aging in place", click here.

Discounts...A Good Reason to Admit Your Age!

While some hesitate to divulge their age, this article makes it clear that being older has its perks. With baby boomers not showing any signs of slowing down, those turning 62 (you don't have to wait until you are 65!) will be glad to know that this milestone comes with significant discounts. So fess up...and enjoy the deals. Click here to learn more...

Don't Take My Wheels!

According to Census projections, the number of boomers reaching 65 will increase exponentially from 39 million today to 69 million in 2030, raising the question, among others, of how long people should be allowed to drive. Individual states are considering programs that will allow older adults to keep driving as long as possible without endangering themselves or others. AARP and other advocates call age-based testing discriminatory and ineffective and want to see ability rather than age used as the criterion. As we know, taking driving away from an active adult is never easy...and, what happens when the car keys are yours?

Retire? Not So Fast...

With the arrival of 2011, the news is that 10,000 boomers a day will be turning 65 this year...and that many are not going to be retiring. Sixty-five used to be the age when Americans stopped working, kicked back and embarked on serious leisure to make up for all those decades of the daily grind. But, as boomers have shown at other times in their lives, this stage of life will be done with boomer-centric flair. View this NPR article and video for a snapshot of one family's experience and the situations facing others at this age.

Older and Richer

Marketers who follow the traditional thinking that older people spend less money, have little interest in new products, and have brand preferences set in stone are missing out on a gold mine.  Today, a cadre of 77+ million boomers are trampling conventional marketing wisdom on their way to purchasing new technology, new cars, and whatever else fits their active, independent lifestyles.  Boomer spending is leaving younger generations in the dust. To find out how to nurture these aging big spenders, check out this article.  Perhaps, the next article should be about how to become one of these big spenders!

New Website for Intergenerational Center

The Intergenerational Center (IGC) at Temple University, a founding partner of Coming of Age, invites you to check out its new website. Since 1979, the Center has mobilized thousands of older adults and youth to serve as resources to each other and their communities. And the Center’s national training and technical assistance services have helped non-profit organizations, foundations, and government agencies throughout the country infuse intergenerational strategies into their programs and services.

Transcending Time as We Age


Lars Tornstam, a Swedish sociologist, has been studying aging for 25 years and he's coined the term, gerotranscendence, for the evolution of values and interests as we age. Dr. Tornstam thinks that we make the mistake in middle age of thinking that good aging means continuing to be the way we were at 50. Maybe not. An increased need for solitude or for the company of only a few friends, for example, are traits Dr. Tornstam attributes to a continuing maturation and acquisition of wisdom. To learn more about Tornstam's findings, click here.

Life is What You Make It!

Topics: News, Aging, wisdom


new study from the University of California, San Diego, concludes that older adults really are wiser than younger people-- in short, they have wisdom. In part, that's because older brains produce less dopamine so that elders are less impulsive and emotional. And unlike their children and grandchildren, they're more likely to think things through and quickly bounce back from negative moods rather than dwell on depression and anger. Now how can we proudly spread the word to young and old alike?