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Topic: Retirement

A Motivational Retirement Story

Before Philadelphia's world-renowned oncologist and philanthropist Dr. Audrey Evans began a lifetime of research and compassionate care, her teachers accused her of dishonesty...they couldn't believe that this British teenager could read so much so quickly. Don't get Dr. Evans started on that topic! She went on to become an award-winning doctor and researcher whose advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neuroblastoma (a common childhood cancer that strikes before age five) contributed to a 50 percent jump in survival rates. She also founded the Ronald McDonald House to care for families. But, retirement stopped her in her tracks...luckily, not for long... read on to find out about her latest passion.

5 Tax Tips for Future Retirees

Pre-retirers are being told to consider taxes as an integral part of retirement planning in this USA Today article. Not planning for taxes in retirement "could be a critical and costly mistake." Consider these five tips that clearly explain how to manage your taxes as you enter this new phase. Accumulating money for your older years is just a start; understanding how taxes affect your savings is the next step in making the most of your well-earned dollars. To learn more, click here.


3 Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Do in Retirement!

Do you think that working while you are retired means being stuck doing a boring, low-level job? If so, it’s time to update your thinking. Nancy Collamer, career coach and author, has found a growing number of unconventional, fun options for part-time work, that can enliven your retirement and pay pretty well, too. Here are three to consider: Voiceover Professional (in which actors record the audio tracks used in everything from training videos to audio books to TV commercials); Life Cycle Celebrant (someone who helps people commemorate important life transitions;weddings, divorces, adoptions, etc.); and Senior Move Manager (people who assist clients needing to downsize and relocate.) To learn more, click here.

Test-Driving Retirement

While boomers are pretty sure that they don't want their parents' version of retirement, many of us are not ready for what lies ahead. This article points out the need to understand your finances and your emotional needs before leaving the workplace. A free online tool from T. Rowe Price called "Practice Retirement" can help you figure out how much longer you need to work to be financially secure and recommends a gradual transition to retirement. Equally important, is the emotional transition that retirement brings. Pre-retirement is a good time to begin considering next, travel, time with friends...and taking the time, as Coming of Age believes, to "Explore Your Future."


What Are the Best Cities for Retirement?

This article, The Best American Cities for Retirement" will be a disappointing read if you are looking for the sunniest or least expensive places to move. The basis for what the Milkin Institute considered when thinking about a successful place to age is "one that is safe, affordable, engaging, and connected... offers quality healthcare and an active lifestyle, ready access to transportation, education, employment and recreation."  In other words, a city that keeps older adults engaged in social and economic life. To learn more about this enlightened look at what to consider for the next phase of your life, click here.

Ideas for Retirement Checklist

As retirement gets closer, the checklist of what you need to think about might need review. This article lists a number of areas that you may not have considered, including doing home repairs while still working, looking into your tax situation, taking advantage of your present health benefits, and living on your projected retirement income while still employed. And after you've looked at this list, perhaps you want to add a "bucket" for how you might "give back" to your community in this next phase of life. For that, you can contact To read more, click here.

Books for Embracing the Encore Years

As you enter your "encore" years, you might be considering a career change -- maybe leaving your present job and doing something completely different, even starting a business. You feel ready for change, but are unsure of what to do. Here are some helpful books to guide you. Some are practical, offering step-by-step basics, while others serve as motivation to just get out there and do it. Click here to see what interests you. And, speaking of next steps... check out this book review by Carolyn Walter, Professor Emeritus, Widener University, of Susan Abel Lieberman's "Getting Old is A Full Time Job: Moving on From a Life of Working Hard," that provides 12 steps for dealing with "what's next."

Seeing the World Through A Barter System

There is a way to travel, stay in interesting places, and not spend your money on housing. This Wall Street Journal article is written by a couple who spend five months a year in foreign countries by exchanging their two-bedroom condo in San Diego with people living in places throughout the world. Their extensive traveling began at age 65 when, on the recommendation of friends, they went online and found and They particularly enjoy living among the locals...and have good tips to offer others who are interested.

For Retirement, 68 is the New 65!

Yes... another take on what boomers can do to stay financially solvent! As this author asserts,  boomers who are closing in on retirement without enough money saved need to keep working. Delaying retirement leaves a worker with fewer years of retirement to finance, more time to save and earn returns, and higher Social Security benefits if they delay taking them. Read more about practical ways to build your nest egg and check out a recent CNBC roundtable discussion on a video within this article called "New Retirement."

Encore Fellowships Offered at Nonprofits

Intel is proud to announce that they are the first company to make Encore Fellowships at local nonprofits available to all of its eligible pre-retiree employees nationwide.  Encore Fellowships, created by Civic Ventures, are designed to provide a new source of experienced talent to organizations solving critical social problems, while offering those who have finished midlife careers the chance to transition to encore careers in the nonprofit sector for 6 to 12 months, full or part-time, with a $25,000 stipend. To learn more about this unique program, click here.