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Learning Lab

Coming of Age's signature Learning Lab is "Capturing the Energy and Expertise of People Age 50+." This popular two-day intensive training for not-for-profit and government professionals focuses on enhancing participants' understanding of differences among generational cohorts, crafting compelling opportunities, creating high impact marketing, and pursuing effective management and leadership.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Draw on the talents, skills, and passions of people 50+
  • Craft compelling opportunities that will appeal to people age 50+
  • Develop effective ways to market opportunities
  • Manage an intergenerational workforce
  • Create a doable, outcomes-driven Action Plan
  • Form teams to address the organization’s most pressing needs

Who should attend:

  • Volunteer managers, executive directors, board members and others interested in recruiting and utilizing the talents of people 50+ to meet the organization’s mission
  • Newly-hired staff seeking to understand generational differences in work styles and attitudes
  • Staff from organizations starting up or revitalizing their volunteer programs
  • Personnel responsible for crafting and marketing paid and unpaid opportunities
  • Supervisors managing an intergenerational workforce


Coming of Age trainers are experts at helping you mine the experience of people age 50+ and will help you think outside the box about what people 50+ can do for you and your organization.


What people are saying:

 "It will change the way I run my volunteer program entirely."

"The training was fabulous and a real eye-opener for me. We will slowly introduce all aspects of marketing, recruiting, and managing."

“My biggest takeaway: understanding characteristics of different generations and how we will need to change our recruitment methods and volunteer opportunities in order to attract and retain Boomers.”

“The Learning Lab was incredibly useful and got us thinking outside the box.”

 “Great pacing and delivery!...and thanks for the unbeatable price of the training—makes it accessible to grassroots nonprofits with teeny budgets!”

 “Wish we took this years ago…will recommend to others and network partners.”



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