• Outgoing Coming of Age National Director Dick Goldberg

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    Outgoing Coming of Age National Director

    Dick Goldberg

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    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    In this week’s “Art of Aging” report, Lisa Thomas-Laury has the story of how one man reinvented himself by helping other seniors do the same.

    After a rewarding career writing for TV, films and the theater, Dick Goldberg was ready to retire. But then he saw an ad that would change his life.

    “I saw an ad that said, “Get baby boomers in Philadelphia to volunteer for nonprofits,” said Goldberg.

    That’s how he became director of a non-profit called Coming of Age.

    “We help people over the age of 50 figure out what their next steps are going to be in their lives,” added Goldberg.

    The organization also teaches nonprofits how to engage older adults as volunteers and helps connect seniors to those opportunities.

    “We’re now in 15 cities across the country and it’s really been incredibly gratifying,” said Goldberg.

    Both for him and the seniors he serves.

    “I’ve seen so many people who have gone back to something they wanted to do in their youths or when they were young adults and find that now they have a little more time to engage in that and they’re finding it incredibly satisfying because it’s a dream that they deferred and now they’re able to catch up with it,” said Goldberg.

    Whether it’s creating art, teaching or learning something new, there are new frontiers out there.

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