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March 7 to March 13


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Some grandmas, like White House resident Marian Robinson, are happy to help care for their grandchildren... and even agree to move in.  But, others, who feel that they gave their all in raising their children are not looking to repeat the parenting process with the next generation. While it takes a village to raise a child, the modern village may be more heavily populated with "nannies than nanas." To hear both sides, click here.

Topics: Diet, Disease, Health
New research reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine promotes the positive effects for those 50+ of taking 1,200 mg of calcium or three cups per day of fat-free or low-fat dairy to lower the risk of cancers of the digestive system. The research, conducted by Coming of Age founding partner, AARP, and the National Institutes of Health, studied nearly 500,000 people between the ages of 50 and 71 over a seven-year period.

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Although Philadelphia is widely recognized as a city with an abundance of historic buildings and neighborhoods, the city has never had a historic preservation plan or a survey of resources. Data about Philadelphia is woefully inadequate for setting preservation priorities and integrating preservation into planning and developing neighborhoods. To fill this gap, the Preservation Alliance, the Philadelphia Historical Commission and the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, have developed this survey. Take a minute to share your thoughts!

Coming Soon

If you enjoy active, stimulating classes with great teachers, topics, and students, the LifeLong Learning series of classes at Temple University Fort Washington (401 Commerce Drive) is for you! Classes begin on March 11th and are designed for learners 50 and up, but adult learners of all ages are welcome. Click here to view the current course offerings, register, and pay online. Or you can call (267) 468-8500; fax (267) 468-8506; or e-mail for more information and to receive a brochure by mail.

Have We Got an Opportunity For You
The National Constitution Center is the first museum in the world dedicated to honoring and explaining the U.S. Constitution. A part-time position is available as a host/hostess to play a significant role in providing a memorable experience for visitors to the Center through extraordinary customer service. Each staff member will receive ongoing training.
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Type: Paid
Gift of Life, one of the oldest and largest nonprofit, organ and tissue procurement organizations in the United States, is offering a full-time job opportunity to organize, promote, and manage programs and events to let people know about the need for organ and tissue donation in diverse communities. The Multicultural Outreach Coordinator will develop relationships with community, civic and cultural groups, as well as media outlets. Driver's license; night and week-end hours required. Send resume and salary history to: Human Resources, 401 N. 3rd St, Philadelphia, 19123; fax: 215-963-0702.
Type: Unpaid
If you enjoy history and want to share your enthusiasm, the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Delaware is seeking volunteers to demonstrate and interpret 19th century life at home and at work. You will describe the exhibits and interact with groups of all ages in the Machine Shop and on Worker's Hill. Training will be held on March 18 or 21. To learn more about this position, call (302) 658-2400, ext. 257 or e-mail.
Categories: Health Care, Nursing
Type: Paid
The Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, a congregation of Catholic sisters serving  in economically depressed areas, has a full-time position for a Coordinator, Health Care Services at its Northeast Philadelphia Motherhouse wellness health care center for ill and aging sisters. The Coordinator will lead a team of health care professionals at this 24/7 facility, and ideally be a registered nurse, with home health care and fiscal management experience. Send resume to or call Judy at (215) 335-7576.
This Week's Medicare Tip
The U.S. Surgeon General has reported that quitting smoking leads to significant risk reduction for certain diseases and other health benefits, even in older adults who have smoked for years. People with Medicare who are diagnosed with a smoking-related disease, including heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke), multiple cancers, lung disease, weak bones, blood clots, and cataracts) can get coverage for smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling.

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