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Topic: Contribution

Food, Sex, and Giving
This Op Ed by Nicholas Kristof provides a persuasive argument for "doing good." In considering what brings people happiness, he cites scientific evidence that shows that humans are hard-wired to be altruistic: when a research subject was encouraged to think of giving money to a charity, parts of the brain lit up that are normally associated with selfish pleasures like eating or sex. To put it another way, the most selfish thing you can do is to help other people. Let us know if you agree?

Milestones Captured in New Publication

Milestones e-news has hit the Internet and you'll want to check it out! This free weekly publication, published by the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, focuses on topics of interest to 50+ers. A recent issue includes a story about the increasing numbers of male caregivers; a turkey/tofu discussion; and the finding that stress reduction increases retirees' sleep. To read a copy and subscribe, click here.

80 over 80

mel brooks.jpg
Seeing the photos of 80 of the most distinguished people in America (who happen to be 80 and older), gives "ageism" a really bad name. Barbara Walters, Bob Barker, Joe Paterno... the list is a "who's who" of celebrities, authors, great thinkers, and long-lived achievers who continue to play an important role in our society. Who says being 80 is too old to be powerful? Not this crowd.

Coming of Age Leaders Garner Attention

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Dick Goldberg, Coming of Age's Director, was interviewed for a recent New York Times article about how older adults are becoming net-savvy, often with the help of the younger set -- Dick's daughter Rosa encouraged him to apply for his job online. And Scott Martin, editor of Delaware's Inspiring Opportunities and a national expert on volunteerism, will be receiving the Governor's Award in Delaware for his work with Coming of Age and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency. Nice going!

Purpose in Life is Essential

A new research study gives you a powerful reason to "connect and contribute" (and keep up with Coming of Age to find opportunities!) This recent study of 1,238 older adults shows that if you have a purpose in life, you'll probably live longer. The study measured the participants' ability to derive meaning from life and feel that they were working toward goals.