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Four Ways to Explore Your Future NOW
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Topic: Retirement

Yo! Could We Leave Out Philly? No Way!

In fact, we’re involved with a presentation this week.  As part of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's “Engage Your Body and Brain” program on March 6 at Temple University’s Center City campus, 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia, our director, Dick Goldberg is moderating a panel on “The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years beyond Mid Life.”  Why would a dude do that?  He wrote the foreword to the book of the same title; those on the panel are featured in the book.

We’re Doing Even More in Bucks

Last fall, when we asked all Pennsylvania county Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) to tell us why they might want to participate in our “Expanding Area Agency on Aging Resources through Community Collaborations" program, the Bucks County AAA responded with one of the best proposals. 
Hence, we’re now involved in a multi-dimensional project, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging through the Long Term Life Training Institute, that includes efforts in Bucks to:

Encore Men's Groups Going Strong

        Philadelphia Encore Men (those between middle and true old age) don’t seem to have gotten the memo about not sharing feelings and concerns. We now have two groups who meet monthly to discuss thoughts and feelings about work, relationships, planning for the future, etc.

        As the groups have bonded, they’ve begun to explore other profound topics:  spirituality, facing mortality, and that ultimate challenge—dealing with adult children! The groups have even made contact with counterparts in Florida and California (Maybe that memo’s MIA?!).


Winter “Explore Your Future” Sessions to Be in Bucks County

        “Why is everything you do in Center City?” we often hear. Well, we do present programming throughout the region, but most activities are in Philadelphia. So, this winter we’re taking our “Explore Your Future” program on the road. To Bristol!

        The workshop series will be offered from 10 AM to 3 PM on March 3 & 10 at the Bristol Borough Area Active Adult Center, Wood & Mulberry Sts. For more info, call (215) 788-9238.  It also will be offered 10 AM to 3 PM on March 4 & 11 at the Bristol Township Senior Center, 2501 Bath Rd. For more info email or call (215) 785-6322.


A Different Take on Resolutions: Develop New Habits

New Year's Day now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
  ---- Mark Twain
     Resolutions anyone? Have you made and already broken the standard weight-loss/quit-smoking/cut-back-on-the-booze ones?
     In the last two weeks or so, we came across some terrific articles online that offer suggestions appropriate to our age and mindsets. While a few of these articles refer to resolutions, others suggest we think more in terms of developing new habits rather than keeping resolutions.  
     Joe Hearn, writer and Vice President of Teckmeyer Financial, suggests in 8 Habits of Highly Effective Retirees, that we should practice these new behaviors daily, just as a writer or musician practices daily.

Coming of Age on the Move

A busy autumn. A busier winter. Come September, Coming of Age was off and running. And the pace shows no signs of slowing down. The above three stories cover some highlights of this year's Encore Volunteer Managers program.
Also this fall we had a a very successful presentation of our workshop series, Explore Your Future. New Coming of Age replications in Tampa Bay and Anne Arundel County, MD came into the fold. We also added a second Encore Men’s Group. And started work with Area Agencies on Aging in Bucks and Warren/Forest Counties (seen here), helping them get more done by helping them build community alliances (It's always worked for us!).

What Do Boomers Do All Day? Anything and Everything!

Boomers have always disliked being labeled, no? (Even some eschew the Boomer appellation itself!) So.. what are their plans for the rest of their lives? The answers are as varied as they. According to a recent survey by Merrill Lynch, Boomers plan to retire at 65, never retire, work part time, volunteer full- or part-time, go back to school full- or part-time… and so on. And where will they live? Right where they are… or close to children… or they're going to move to an area with a lower cost of living… or a retirement community. What will they do? Many will spend time caring for aging parents (see article below) but will still manage to exercise, take part in extreme sports, listen to music, explore social media and date.
No mention anywhere, however, of a rocking chair.

Be Inspired by Fellow Philadelphians!

See and hear inspiring stories about local folks who are living transformative lives after 50, learning new things, having real impact on the community, and more. Check out the Coming of Age Stories, produced by Coming of Age partner WHYY. here. There are 70 of them!

Needed: A Few (More) Good Men (in Philadelphia)

Want to join our next Encore Men’s Group? “What IS an Encore Men’s Group,” you ask. If you’re male, between middle age and true old age, then you’re in your "encore stage.” Working? Retired? Doesn’t matter. Our first group, which is now oversubscribed, has been meeting this spring and summer. We’re looking for 4 more men so we will have a dozen for our second group. What will you do? Get together to talk about whatever feels right--sports, kids, grandkids, work, dreams, doubts-- all based on the notion that you’re in a new stage of life that really didn’t exist before. Click here and fill out this short form. We’ll get back to you as soon we have 12 (hopefully not angry) men.

Coming This Fall… to Philadelphia!

Want to know when the next Coming of Age Explore Your Future four session workshop series will be held in Philadelphia? Email us at, put “Explore Your Future” in the subject line and we’ll be in touch as soon as the next series is scheduled. This program will give you a unique opportunity to consider "what's next" in your life-- a hands-on learning experience that focuses on helping you create a vision for making your future satisfying and rewarding.