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We Have Seen the Media... and It is Us!

Donna Summer had our number:  We're "on the radio."  And it would seem everywhere else journalists, producers and raconteurs are telling stories. Coming of Age says "It's All About What People 50+ Can Do" and it seems like the media is falling all over each other to tell our stories.  Check out this segment from PBS-TV's Newshour about older entrepreneurs; a radio show called "And So It Goes," where elders share their stories with the radio audience, and an upcoming movie The Age of Love about... senior dating.

What To Do If Your Boss Stinks

Okay, you're lucky enough to have a job. You may even like it. You're using your skills. You're making a buck. Your colleagues have become your chums. Only one problem: the boss. He stinks. As in major b.o. The workday start out fine, but by five o'clock, call the smell police! He's a great guy and a great boss, but if this situtation gets any worse-- and it seems to be heading distinctly in that direction-- you just might faint.  What do you do? The answer is here.

Three Resources for Older Job Seekers

We all know it's a tough job market-- especially for older workers.  Here are three reources that offer help: First, a recent article from USA Today on "Rethinking Retirement: Tips for Older Job Serarchers". Next, a new resource from the National Council on Aging, Job Source.  Lastly, check out Work Search from AARP, which that august group bills as "The Job Seeker's Online Guide to Success."  And success is what we hope you have by using these tools.  Write if you get work!  More on work below...


Who Says Our Town is Age-Friendly? None Other than Hizzoner!

None other than our own Mayor Michael Nuitter was invited to pen this paean to our fair city, delightfully entited "City of Elderly Love" by AARP for their International Journal. Read it and feel proud (but don't forget we're also the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection).  And in response to this piece there are some wonderful posts on this blog from GenPhilly-- young professionals in our town committed to creating a community in which we all thrive as we age.


Can We Control How Fast We Age? Maybe.

Topics: Aging, Boomers, Health

Many of us struggle with the disconnect between the age we feel inside and the age we see and feel in our bodies (or see in the mirror). A new study in the journal Molecular Cell describes an exciting development in measuring biological aging, with implications in forensics, health treatments, and possibly ways to slow down the aging process.  What's not to like?  A high level look at the study's findings and some of its intriguing implications are here.

What's the Deal with Us and the Internet?

Fifty plus women are the fastest growing Facebook demographic. There's a terrible digital divide separating young and old. More older men are tweeting. "I'm a tech dummy."  How many of those maybe true/maybe false statements have  you heard? This recent article. "Online Habits Coming Slowly to Older Adults" from the "New Old Age" column of The New York Times sets the record straight... at least for this moment in time.

More about Women; More from the Huff Post

Maddy Dychtwald, nationally recognized author, demographer, public speaker and entrepreneur, describes three examples of exceptional women who provide a new image of what the future might hold for 40 million boomer women who will most likely live well into their 80's, 90's and beyond. These trailblazers offer hope and a new vision of what these later years might look like. Read the article here.


Books, Glorious Books!

This April, the Free Library of Philadelphia is taking its famous Philadelphia Book Festival on the road, with special author events happening at all of 54 locations, April 14 - 20. Previously held only at the Parkway Central Library, the seventh annual Book Festival will now give us all the chance to enjoy incredible author events at the neighborhood library we call home. Headlining author events will take place every day at Parkway Central, and special author appearances will take place in every neighborhood library throughout the week. Events are being added all the time, so keep checking Festival calendar to find one near you!

Coming of Age in the Huff Post

Earlier this year, Coming of Age was asked to make a "Big Idea" presentation at Encore 2013, in Sausalito, CA, using the fast-paced Ignite format-- a five-minute presentation with 20 slides, with each slide advancing every 15 seconds. Our idea? To do for the Encore Life Stage what Eve Ensler did for women's sexuality and empowerment in "The Vagina Monologues."  The Huffington Post covered our idea for "The Encore Monologues" in this article.

The Guys Are Gettin' Their Game On!

Taking a page from the playbook of our sister organization, The Transition Network. Coming of Age recently held its first-- and very well atttended-- Encore Men's Group. So much for the notion that guys have to be playing sports or assembling Ikea furniture together to be able to have a meaningful conversation about their lives-- in this case a conversation about being between middle age and true old age, as the Encore Life Stage is defined.  At subsequent meetings they'll read and discuss chapters from the Coming of Age free e-book, The Age for Change.