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Four Ways to Explore Your Future NOW
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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

We've got to hand it to the ladies-- especially those in the Coming of Age community. They responded from all over to our appeal to "Help Refugee Women Feel at Home in Philadelphia," our joint effort with Project SHINE to identify volunteers to mentor Bhutanese and Burmese refugee women.  And they also recently stepped up to the plate to be Encore Volunteer Managers, including at the Career Wardrobe to expand the group’s ability to help more women get work and at the Women’s Center of Montgomery County to help build a revenue stream for the Center.

The Best Summer Camps for Grown-ups! Color War anyone?

Camps for grown-ups! What a great idea. For many, their camp experiences were the high point of their youth. reports that there are 800 camps and more than a million adults who have taken advantage of this growing vacation/learning experience. Check out this listing of opportunities (their costs and locations) that you can pursue as you dabble in new things or relive the old: food and wine, music, outdoors (bird watching, hiking), sports, writing, arts and crafts, adventure/fantasy (think cowboys), and dance and theater. Get those name tags sewed into your T-sheets and have a ball!

A Motivational Retirement Story

Before Philadelphia's world-renowned oncologist and philanthropist Dr. Audrey Evans began a lifetime of research and compassionate care, her teachers accused her of dishonesty...they couldn't believe that this British teenager could read so much so quickly. Don't get Dr. Evans started on that topic! She went on to become an award-winning doctor and researcher whose advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neuroblastoma (a common childhood cancer that strikes before age five) contributed to a 50 percent jump in survival rates. She also founded the Ronald McDonald House to care for families. But, retirement stopped her in her tracks...luckily, not for long... read on to find out about her latest passion.

5 Tax Tips for Future Retirees

Pre-retirers are being told to consider taxes as an integral part of retirement planning in this USA Today article. Not planning for taxes in retirement "could be a critical and costly mistake." Consider these five tips that clearly explain how to manage your taxes as you enter this new phase. Accumulating money for your older years is just a start; understanding how taxes affect your savings is the next step in making the most of your well-earned dollars. To learn more, click here.

Nonprofit Training to Utilize Boomer Know-How

With financial support from The Philadelphia Foundation, Coming of Age held a two- day workshop (the Learning Lab) to encourage nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia area to make use of stipended "Encore" Volunteer Managers (over age 50) in their organizations. Of the 32 organizations that participated, an overwhelming majority indicated they were interested in having an EVM join their team. Managers that have been selected will start in April. This article will give you an idea about the training session and our Learning Lab curriculum.

Purpose Prize Nominations Open

Nominations are still open for the 2013 Purpose Prize, which will award up to $100,000 to social innovators 60 and older. You may nominate a colleague, a friend, even yourself – anyone whose creative endeavors in the second half of life are making a big difference to society. The Purpose Prize®, now in its eighth year, is the nation's only large-scale investment in people over 60 who are combining their passion and experience for social good. The deadline for submissions is April 4, 2013. Click here to nominate someone worthy.

Stipended Volunteer Managers Needed by Nonprofits

Coming of Age is recruiting people age 50+ to be Encore Volunteer Managers (EVM) at Philadelphia-area nonprofits. Each manager will lead a corps of volunteers (of all ages) within a nonprofit (i.e. homeless shelter, food cupboard, emergency crisis center) that has been accepted into this program. The part-time EVM will receive a $500/month stipend and work 15 hours a week from April thru December, 2013 at an organization that is supported by The Philadelphia Foundation. To find out more about this opportunity, continue reading below. To access the application, which must be submitted online by 5 p.m., Friday, March 15, 2013 by 5 p.m., click here.

Join a Team to Help Refugee Women!

Coming of Age and its Intergenerational Center partner, Project SHINE, are offering opportunities for women age 50+ to develop relationships with Bhutanese and Burmese refugee women, to learn about their cultures, and share knowledge about the U.S. Become part of a dynamic volunteer team to help these women learn life skills, become more independent, and better integrated into the community. Stipended Volunteer Leaders and other volunteers are needed to provide mentoring and support. An orientation meeting will be held on March 5th in Center City. Click here for more information and to register. 

Social Security: Now or Later?

This is a question that this Forbes article will help you determine. But, first, if you are turning 65 this year, regardless of when you take Social Security and when you stop working, you need to enroll in Medicare when you first become eligible at 65 or you could face higher premiums. By contrast, you can start collecting Social Security anytime from age 62 to 70, and the later you start, the bigger the benefit. Just how much more money you receive depends on your birthday. Click here to learn more about how to proceed (you might want to copy this article for future reference!)

Dating? Yes -- Marriage? No

As dating sites proliferate and more of them focus on the "older" crowd, it is clear that boomers want companionship and someone to share their lives with. But sharing their lives doesn't necessarily mean another trip down the aisle according to a survey commissioned by the Del Webb retirement community of 521 single boomers ages 50 and older. Only 11 percent of single boomers said they wanted to remarry. Eighty-one percent reported that they were reveling in their freedom; women feel liberated not having to clean up after someone else (34 percent), while men noted they liked having time for hobbies and social activities. Do you agree with this finding?