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Four Ways to Explore Your Future NOW
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The Moment I Wake up, Before I Put on My Makeup, I...

... say a little prayer for you?  Maybe I should. And you too. The power of prayer is irrefutable. Just read these articles if you have doubts, dear skeptics.
David Briggs discusses a recent study showing that prayer promotes optimism, especially when the person offering up the supplication is a family member or close friend, and when the prayer recipient is aware that prayers were being said.
Roya R. Rad in her article, The Positive Psychological Effects of Prayer lists many benefits, including developing a sense of optimism and hope, retraining the brain to be more positive and forgive more easily, and cultivating a sense of gratitude.
Finally, here's an uplifting piece by Roy Hoffman about those moments in life when nothing but prayer will do to capture the pure gratitude we feel for the glorious life we have been given.  Amen!

An (Anti-Ageist) Reader Writes… about Our “Old is Good” Mantra

Topics: Ageism, Aging

“I read the piece, ‘Old is Good,’ that featured your director in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and wanted to introduce myself as an anti-ageism activist. I couldn't agree more that raising consciousness about ageism, not just in boomers but people of all ages, is critically important and will greatly affect how our society deals with longer lifespans.

"Income Tax Returns Are the Most Imaginative Fiction Being Written Today"

So wrote novelist Herman Wouk.
Tis the season to be… irritable? anxious? depressed? Because it’s tax season, for many of us, it’s all of the above. Sifting through old credit card statements for evidence of that charitable donation you KNOW you made, while wondering if that suit you bought last year for the perfect interview look is deductible, you stumble through the process with Fear and Trembling.

Looking for Love? Here are the RIGHT (Online) Places

According to an October, 2013 update to the Pew Research Internet Project, one in 10 Americans have used an online dating site and 23 percent of online daters have met a spouse or pursued a long term relationship through online dating sites. If you’ve been thinking of giving it a try, here’s some helpful information to get you started.
There are hundreds of dating sites out there and most of them are fairly similar. Your first step should be to review a few of the most highly rated dating websites and determine which one(s) you’d like to join.

Yo! Could We Leave Out Philly? No Way!

In fact, we’re involved with a presentation this week.  As part of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's “Engage Your Body and Brain” program on March 6 at Temple University’s Center City campus, 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia, our director, Dick Goldberg is moderating a panel on “The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years beyond Mid Life.”  Why would a dude do that?  He wrote the foreword to the book of the same title; those on the panel are featured in the book.

And around the Country!

Coming of Age continues to expand across the country (we’re even in talks with some of the larger cities in Canada about replications). Newest communities added to the fold include Tampa Bay and Anne Arundel County, MD. 
We also recently trained 25 more facilitators in Kansas City to deliver our Explore Your Future program (the Parks and Recreation department there plans to offer the program in its 10 community centers), will be presenting the Explore Your Future workshop series later this month in Warren, PA, and training facilitators in Cleveland, OH to deliver our “Capturing the Energy and Expertise of People Age 50+” Learning Lab.  For other activities in New York City, San Francisco, Austin, North Texas, Kansas City, go here.

We’re Doing Even More in Bucks

Last fall, when we asked all Pennsylvania county Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) to tell us why they might want to participate in our “Expanding Area Agency on Aging Resources through Community Collaborations" program, the Bucks County AAA responded with one of the best proposals. 
Hence, we’re now involved in a multi-dimensional project, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging through the Long Term Life Training Institute, that includes efforts in Bucks to:

Four Bucks County Opportunities to Explore Your Future

Thanks to funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Aging through the Long Term Life Training Institute and the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging, we’re pleased to offer four Bucks County presentations of the Coming of Age workshop series, Explore Your Future in March, April, and May in Bristol Township, Bristol Borough, Bensalem and Morrisville.
This workshop series gives participants a unique opportunity to consider "what's next" in their lives. It is a hands-on learning experience that focuses on helping adults 50+ create a vision for making their future satisfying and rewarding.  Want the details?  They’re just a click away.

"Perls of Wisdom" -- Seeking Both the Wise and Lighthearted

By Aviva Perlo
        It seems like you hear the word “intergenerational” everywhere these days. As well it should be. Integrating various generations can prove fruitful for many reasons. But what is at the core of connecting older and younger?
        Many older people have wisdom, life experience. They have been knocked down and gotten up again. They know what it means to rebuild a family when things fall apart. And they may know more about how to ask for help, where to go, who to trust.
        These are some of the many reasons why I turn towards older people for friendship and support. I lost a parent while in college, and I quickly realized that my peers were focused on beer and boys. I turned to some older family friends who had already lost a loved one and found comfort in their presence. They were not immobilized and knew things would ease over time.

Coming of Age Teams up with Awbury Arboretum to Promote Capacity Building Roles

        One of the key concepts from The Coming of Age “Capturing the Energy and Expertise of People Age 50+” Learning Lab (See “Our Learning Lab Was Once Again A Big Hit!” below) is promoting engaging pro bono consultants. They go by many other names-- leadership, technical assistance, or skill-based volunteers.
        Awbury Arboretum has developed a number of such roles: They want to engage older adults to develop business plans, provide management, develop and implement marketing plans, and offer advice on insurance. They also are looking for volunteer teachers and office workers.
        For more information about these capacity-building and other roles, please email