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Workshop Overview:

This workshop covers the following topics through presentations, a panel discussion, and large and small group activities:

  • Why do RSVPs need to build their capacity now and what are the opportunities for—and barriers to—  doing so?
  • RSVP Capacity Self-Assessment
  • Why Are These Capacities the Most Critical?
  • Brainstorming of Volunteer Roles for Increasing RSVP Capacity
  • What We Have Learned about Working with Capacity-Building Volunteers
  • RSVP’s role in Building the Capacity of Its Stations/Programs
  • “The Boomers Are Here!” A Training Tool for Building the Capacity of RSVP’s Partners
  • Effective Models for using RSVP Volunteers to Build the Capacity of RSVP Partners

For more information, please call (215) 204-8585 or e-mail